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Stress Induced Pain Recovery Programme ™

Has it ever occurred to you that stress may be playing a part in your physical pain?

In cases where emotional stresses have been overwhelming, or occurred at a time when there was not the time or energy to deal with them properly, then the resulting emotions can be “pushed to the back of the mind”. If these stresses continue for too long, then very real physical or psychological symptoms may result. However, medical tests in these circumstances are often normal, even when the symptoms are severe.

The process of developing stress related pain takes place through the way the brain copes with, or handles, our negative emotions. The memory of these emotions is stored in a part of the brain known as the amygdala. This then communicates with other area of the brain that uses that information and translates it into a pain somewhere in the body, often in an area where there is already a problem. This resulting pain then serves as a diversion, taking attention away from the original stresses.

However, the good news is that stress illness, because it has it’s origins in the brain rather than in the body, can be reversed, and recovered from.

SIRPA™ is a system that can successfully treat those conditions where tests have been unable to find a cause - it realises that these symptoms are very real, and aims to find and treat the real root cause, which is in the emotions. By working in this way it is even possible to recover from back pain that has been present for many years.

The programme is an “educational, self-help programme” that is supported by a SIRPA™ practitioner. It is undertaken following a face to face assessment that will determine whether the approach is suitable for the client.

It consists of a six week programme and includes the following:

  • Five 30 minute appointments
  • TMS recovery CDs
  • SIRPA™ workbook
  • 6 weeks of additional e-mail support

For further information on the SIRPA approach, go to: or

Stress induced pain recovery programme
Linda has helped me tremendously to recover from my back and neck pain.