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Postural Advice

In the habit or sitting slouched in a chair? Problems with the office chair at work? Did you know it can be almost as harmful to your back as heavy lifting can be?

When sitting in a slouched position, with your back unsupported, the muscles and ligaments of the spine become stretched.  Over a period they can become overstretched, which then triggers a response causing muscle spasms and resulting pain.

In addition, the intervertebral discs can become affected.  When the lower back loses its natural curve, as it does when we are sitting in a slouched position, it does so through the discs becoming wedge shaped. This then puts an increase of pressure within the discs of the lower spine. This can also lead to spinal problems.

So – if you want to avoid these problems...

  • Always sit with your lower back supported eg using a rolled towel or blanket to maintain and support natural curve of the lower spine.
  • In the office, ensure that your chair has the correct lumbar support.  And avoid the habit of leaning forwards into your computer.  If there is no lumbar support, consider purchasing a “lumbar roll” that can be attached to your chair.
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