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Physiotherapy Treatments

Based in Leek, the clinic provides a range of effective treatments that can assist with pain relief and rehabilitation.

The methods used include the following:

  • Ultrasound:  helps to release tension/ muscle spasm and reduce pain from the soft tissues, prior to
  • Soft tissue treatments – massage/ facial release and joint mobilisations that help to further reduce the muscle spasm, improve the circulation, and enable easier movement.
  • Personal exercise and rehabilitation programs – that aim to return people to their work, sport and hobbies and teach exercises to prevent recurrence of the injury.
  • Postural advice- helping you to prevent further problems with your back and neck.

In addition, Moorhouse Physiotherapy Clinic offers the following:

  • Reflex Therapy – (an adapted form of Reflexology) that aims to assist recovery through the use of acupressure, or reflex points that are found in the feet.  It is useful in the treatment of all musculoskeletal problems, especially in the treatment of long term conditions, or where there is an element of stress involved.
  • Stress Induced Pain Recovery Programme – this is an educational, self-help programme to help you deal with the emotional stresses that can cause physical pain.


Reflextherapy is a term that describes treatment that is applied to pressure points, mainly in the feet, but also in other areas including the hands, head and ears.

It is an approach that has developed form the ancient knowledge that the body is reflected in miniature within those areas.

Gentle pressure on the points can promote deep relaxation and pain relief, and can encourage the healing process. After treatment patients often report a significant feeling of well being, an improvement in energy levels and vitality, relief from discomfort and often improved sleep patterns.

The conditions that can be helped with Reflextherapy include acute or chronic back and neck pain, arthritis, soft tissue and sports injuries, migraine and headaches, stress/ stress related disorders and chronic fatigue. It can also be very helpful in terminal care.

As with all other physiotherapy approaches, each client is individually assessed to ascertain their suitability for the treatment. It can be carried out on its own, or as an adjunct to other physiotherapy techniques.

In addition, self help techniques can also be taught, so that the treatment can be continued at home.

Reflextherapy/ reflexology has existed as a form of medicine for over four thousand years,with records of its use being found in Egypt, India and China.

It emerged in America in the early 1900’s when an American doctor, William Fitzgerald, an ear nose and throat surgeon, who developed the practice of “zone therapy” (an adapted form). He successfully used the techniques to provide pain relief for his clients.

Linda has been a member of the Association of Physiotherapists in Reflextherapy (ACPIRT) since its formation in 1991, and has developed her use of the techniques through their annual courses and conferences. She has been their Journal editor for the past ten years. (NB the group is currently changing its name to “Health Professionals in Reflextherapy”)
Physiotherapy room Reflexology
Just came back after a third week of treatment with Linda. I cant speak highly enough of her.

I would definitely recommend Moorhouse Physiotherapy Clinic to anyone who is suffering with back and neck pain.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs treatment.